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Get Going Flower Gardening

Get Going Flower Gardening

Jun 4, 2012

Probably the hardest thing about flower gardening is deciding what to plant.  It is also the easiest thing: plant everything, anything, something!  Just kidding.  What I like to do when thinking about adding flowers to my garden or starting another flower garden is drive around town and see what other people have planted.  It’s amazing the ideas you will get from your neighbors.  You will also have the added assurance that whatever flowers they are growing are adaptable to your area or they wouldn’t be growing them. 

As you drive by, if you see them outside, stop to talk to them.  I’ve found that flower gardeners love to talk to other flower gardeners and especially about what they currently have in their gardens as well as past triumphs and failures.  I like to take my camera along and take pictures if they will let me.

You can also check with your local greenhouses and nurseries.  Just a word of caution here:  I can’t count the number of times I have picked up a perennial or shrub at my local nursery, only to get home and find it is not hardy in my growing zone, so be sure to check that element before you purchase.  If it is not stated on the plant tag, ask someone.  To my way of thinking, my local nursery should not be selling plants that are not hardy here, but they don’t consult me on their stocking choices.

If you are lucky enough to have an arboretum or botanical garden, be sure to visit there.  Their staff have extensive knowledge on what you can plant successfully in your area.  Flower shows and garden tours are also a great place for ideas.

The flower garden ideas are endless as are the choices of plants, but don’t let that overwhelm you.  Just start somewhere!  I always think of my garden areas as a work in progress.  They are an ever changing work of art as one plant doesn’t work out but another one thrives.  Have fun with what you are doing and try something new.  Now get out there and get going flower gardening.

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