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Raking Rocks

Today I found myself out in our yard raking rocks.  “Raking rocks?”  you say.  Why would anyone want to rake rocks?

Well, the bank below our driveway is covered in rocks; big rocks, boulders, small rocks and everywhere in between rocks.  In the fall, the leaves fall from the trees above and settle into the crevices between the rocks. During the winter and spring the wind blows and branches fall from the trees to settle on the rocks. Hence, the rock raking.

And, being menial labor not requiring a whole lot of mental attention, my mind began to wander and wonder about raking rocks.  My first thought being, “My neighbors must think I’m crazy.”  I can just hear them saying to each other,  ‘what is that crazy old women doing out there raking her rocks?’ and staring at the sight I must present in puzzled amazement.

Soon my mind drifted from concern over my neighbors thoughts to thoughts of the rocks in our own lives.  We all have them.  Rocks of stubbornness and long held beliefs, of remembered slights and wounds barely healed, rocks of judgment, hatred and prejudice.  They creep into our lives one by one and settle into the fertile soil of our minds.  Then the leaves of life start to drift in and the branches of circumstances fall to cover them up.  Sometimes we may forget that the rocks are even there as they become buried by the flotsam and jetsam of everyday life.

As I rake over my rock bed I see a few tufts of grass pushing through, a small clump of sedum has sprung up in the little bit of dirt accumulated in one crevice and a determined daylily has found enough sustenance to hang on to life.  There is little else that grows in my rock bed.  I’m sure that was the original intention of whoever put them here.  I imagine it was easier to cover the bank with rocks than it was to mow it or to try to maintain a flower bed on the steep slope.

It may be the same for you if you are trying to grow something good in your life.  As you struggle to germinate and nurture a new direction or a new project, you may find yourself scraping up against those half-buried rocks from long ago.  It can be hard to grow new friendships if they scrape up against your rocks of prejudice and judgment.  You cannot grow flowers of forgiveness if your garden is full of the rocks of hatred and carrying a grudge.  How can you grow your business if all you have sown are the rocks of hardness, non-cooperation, or arrogance?

So the first course of action you must take to grow a beautiful garden of life is to remove as many rocks as are necessary to open up a place to grow and cultivate the things that you want out of your life.  There are many ways you can do this.  Please join me in the weeks ahead as I show you how I have managed to remove some of the biggest rocks in my life and have been able to grow and flourish once they are gone.

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