Come, Share, Grow!

Donahue’s Greenhouse

      Upon entering Donahue’s Greenhouse, you are greeted with a feast for the eyes.  Islands of color via for your immediate attention; baskets of blue and yellow petunias to your right, flats of red geraniums to your left and potted white daisies straight ahead.  You move forward as if in a daze, glancing quickly right and left in fear of missing a single flower.  Competing fragrances fill your nostrils in a heady swirl.  Overlaying it all is the earthy smell of damp dirt and growing greene

     Slowly you make your way up and down each aisle in search of that perfect plant for that special place in your garden.  You spot a possible contender and snatch it up to check the requirements.  Will it grow in sun?  How big will it get?  How long will it bloom?  Will it come back next year?  Other gardeners, just as intent on finding that perfect plant, jostle up against you in a fierce competition to locate just the right flower for their needs

     Eventually you wheel your cart full of treasures to the check-out counter.  As you unload your finds for the day, you realize you have purchased twice as much as you came to get.  Pushing your load to the car you begin to wonder where you will put them all and when you will find the time to plant them.  Sighing as you slide behind the wheel, you realize that it was just your typical trip to Donahue’s.