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Children’s Garden Destination

Children’s Garden Destination

May 11, 2012

If you are seeking a new way to entertain your children this weekend, why not try a children’s garden destination.  Children are fascinated by all things nature and what better way to educate and entertain at the same time than introducing them to the world of gardening.  The North Carolina Botanical Garden, located in Chapel Hill, NC, has expanded on its children’s garden desitination with the all new Children’s Wonder Garden.

Children’s Garden Destination:

Children's Wonder Garden
Children’s Garden

“The wonder garden includes a place for kids to dig in the dirt, jumping stumps, a giant bird nest to climb in, a cedar xylophone, a natural balance beam and big “tree cookies” for kids to build with.

There’s a spot for kids to build homes for fairies and gnomes and even a mailbox for kids to leave messages. (If you include your address, your child will get a note back from a fairy or gnome).

A bird blind allows for families to watch birds flitting between tree and bird feeders. Taylor said she’s spotted about a dozen different birds.

Children in some of the gardens’ programs have helped to plant flowers and vegetables, helping to make the garden a new experience with each visit as vegetables grow and flowers bloom.”  Read the full story Here.

If you are in the Chapel Hill area or are planning on visiting soon, be sure to add this stop to your places to see.  Besides having a wonderful, fulfilling day with your child, you will get the added benefit of tiring them out so they will get a good nights sleep.  You can learn more about the N.C. Botanical Garden by Clicking Here.

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