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Care Tips for New Trees

Care Tips for New Trees

Mar 27, 2012

Caring for new trees is very important in order to get them established without dying.  I always think of trees and shrubs as the bones of a flower garden.  Now I know that some flower gardens do not have trees but trees, even small trees, can add height and interest to your flower plantings.  Last fall I planted three new trees, two maples and a willow.  I also planted a serviceberry shrub. 

My biggest concern is keeping these plants alive until they can get established. That is why I was happy to find this article on Care Tips for New Trees:

Spring Care Tips for Trees

Flowering Tree

The first two to three years are the most vital for newly planted trees. It’s in this time that new trees become established, striking and anchoring roots into soil for years to come. Every right tree-care decision you make during your tree’s early years reduces transplant stress and creates conditions that favor strong growth.

Use our spring checklist to give your new trees top-notch care as they awaken from winter dormancy.


For newly planted trees, water is the key to successful growth. Roots can’t grow without it, and healthy root development makes or breaks a tree’s transition from nursery to landscape. What should you know about watering new trees?

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Trees are an investment in our future.  They may take a little extra care to get them established, but they are well worth it and it will pay off for years to come.

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