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Award Winning Plants for your Garden

Award Winning Plants for your Garden

Mar 25, 2012

Every year new award winning plants for your garden are announced by several different plant groups and associations.  These are the newest and best selections especially chosen to provide new and interesting plants for our flower gardens.

Prizes may be given for longevity, ease of growing, spectacular new colors or new variety introductions.  Whatever the reason for the prize, I am always interested to see what’s new out there that I can add to my garden.

Here you can learn about some of the new award winning plants for 2012:

Award-winning plants for this year’s best-dressed gardens

Jack Frost brunnera has been named the 2012 Perennial Plant of the Year by the Perennial Plant Association. (Photo:

The announcement of award-winning plants might not generate the buzz of the Academy Awards — at least not among the general public. But if you’re a gardener who likes to stay on top of the latest and greatest, then perusing plant awards offers a glimpse into what to expect at garden centers this spring. If you’re a new gardener, the sheer number of plants to choose from can be overwhelming, and browsing award winners can help you narrow down your options. So if your version of style is more salvia and sedum than taffeta and tulle, spend a chilly January afternoon checking out what’s hot on the horticultural red carpet.

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So which will you choose to grace your flower garden?  I am fortunate enough to have two acres to fill.  I am always expanding and looking for what’s new to add in to my current flowers.  The thrill of something new, something different, something my neighbors aren’t growing never grows old.  If I find something I can’t resist in the new crop of award winning plants, I will search it out, add it in to my own garden and conduct my own plant trials.

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