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Attracting Birds to your Flower Garden

Attracting Birds to your Flower Garden

Mar 29, 2012

Some people want to attract birds to their flower gardens and some people don’t.  I fall in the category of wanting birds to visit my yards and gardens.  I like to watch them fly around, so busy, looking for food and friends.  We are lucky enough to be graced with ruby-throated hummingbirds and orioles in our yard which are both very beautiful and fun to watch.

Hummingbird Flowers

Hummingbird and Lantana


If you are one of the pro-birds set, you will appreciate the following tips on attracting birds to your garden:

Attracting Birds To Your Garden

Here’s a general plan that will allow you to attract a wonderful variety of birds to your garden. In just a few steps you’ll create an environment that will be very hospitable to them.

First of all, have a feeder or two out during the off season for the garden so that non-migratory birds will get in the habit of looking for food in your backyard. In turn, they will attract seasonal birds who return from warmer climates. Next winter you’ll need fewer artificial feeders, and we’ll show you why shortly. You can probably guess!

Secondly, provide watering spot for visiting birds.

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If you have cats, or the neighbors do, be sure to put your waterers up high enough to keep the birds safe.  Also, be sure to provide ice-free water in the winter.  Many birds have a hard time finding open water during the cold months.  We put out a heated bird bath in the winter for our feathered friends.

Follow the advice offered here and you will soon be attracting many types of birds to your garden and they will offer hours of cheap entertainment.

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