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A Rose by any Other Color …Unusual Varieties of Roses for your Garden

Roses are attractive additions to any home garden. Roses can range from the standard traditional rose, to a more unusual variety. Some of these strange rose types have striking colors, incredible size, unconventional blossoms, or remarkable thorns. Here are some of the unusual rose varieties that you may consider growing in your garden.

The Baby Austin rose is known for its small stature. This English style micro miniature rose barely reaches ten inches tall and its blossoms are no more that one inch across. The flowers are a salmon color.

The Black Ice is a variety of rose that is known for its unusual color. This hybrid tea rose has deep velvet colored blossoms. The roses bloom on a medium sized bush, normally about 18 inches tall.

Brown Velvet is a unique rose variety. The blossoms have four-inch double blooms. The flower starts off as a rust orange color and then turns to a softer chocolate shade when it is completely opened. Then just before the petals die off the flower turns to a grayish brown hue. This five-foot tall plant and its transformation of colors add a unique quality to any rose garden.

Closer to Heaven is an unusual climbing rose that is known for its striking blossoms. The flowers are a vibrant red with bright yellow stamens in the middle. The flowers are usually four inches in diameter and are considered semi double blooms.

The Earthquake rose and its unusual coloring are terrific plants for almost any garden. These flowers are bright yellow with a distinctive red accent stripes. This double-bloomed flower opens all season long. Earthquakes are petite roses, standing about seven inches tall on average.

Halo Glory has blooms of about 2 inches across and is a beautiful mauve color. They usually blossom in clusters of three. These single blooms open flat to show of a halo of deep red coloring. This bright colored rose is a miniature and will usually only grow to about eighteen inches tall.

Kara, also known as Dear One, is a tiny rose, usually only growing to be ten inches high. The tiny blooms have only five petals measuring one inch across. The flowers are a bright magenta pink. While the flowers are not scented, the plant itself gives off a sweet fragrance.

Green Ice roses are known for their unusual coloring. They range from a cool white to a frosty green shade. This rose has large clusters of glossy leaves. Their double blooms are about an inch across and have a tiny button eye at the center. Green Ice is great in the garden or as a hanging rose.

Café Ole is unique because of its soft coffee like brown color. This miniature rose also exudes a musky fragrance. Café Ole usually grows to be about seven inches tall.

Black Jade is a miniature rose that is a very deep velvet color. This rich color almost appears black. The blooms f this rose open in exhibition form and usually develop singly or in small clusters.

The Green Diamond Rose is one of the only green roses in existence. It is a miniature rose with double blooms. The blossoms are about one inch in diameter and have extremely pointed petals.

Grey Pearl is a very unusual and extremely rare rose. If you can find one to add to your garden be cautious, as this is a particularly difficult rose to grow. This hybrid tea rose has a flower with a peculiar shade of grayish purple, described by some as the color of a mouse. It blooms in small clusters multiple times through out the growing season.


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